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Brock Gussiaas Scholarship (deadline is September 30, 2018)

DTN Scholarship – (deadline is October 31, 2018)

K·Coe Isom Scholarship (deadline is October 1, 2018)

K·Coe Unit 1 Application                K·Coe Unit 2 Application


TEPAP 2019 is January 6-12, 2019 in Austin, Texas.

The TEPAP application is on-line!  We switched to a different format, so if you experience ANY issues, please let me know! (connie_moore@tamu.edu  or  979/845-1772)

Unit 2 participants are automatically accepted, but you still need to apply, as hotel space is limited!


TEPAP 2018 - Unit 2 pictureCheck out some what some TEPAP graduates are doing:

George McDonald                  The Hughes Family

Chris Adams                               Kim Moen

Interesting Reads

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